Exploring Studio Mode and HiFi Mode on SwitchOne Speakers

Exploring Studio Mode and HiFi Mode on SwitchOne Speakers

HiFi and Studio Mode

We're all about shattering the conventional boundaries that separate "Pro" and "Consumer" speakers. One game-changing feature that underscores this commitment is the HiFi and Studio switch on the back of our SwitchOne speakers. While many speakers are pigeonholed into specific, we decided to redefine with by adding our switch.


Studio Mode

SwitchOne Speakers In A Studio

 The workhorse of the SwitchOne speakers, caters to the discerning ears of audio professionals across various fields—be it recording, mixing, mastering, or content creation. In these critical applications, users seek transparency and honesty over impressive sound. Unlike ordinary consumer-grade speakers designed just for listening, studio monitors aim for transparency, faithfully reproducing the audio without embellishments.

Our challenge was to tune a small speaker like the SwitchOne with a "full" sound. Activating "Studio Mode" eliminates any enhancements in the bass and treble frequencies while tweaking the low-mids and hi-mids to provide the cleanest most linear frequency response. These careful adjustments provide a balanced presentation of frequencies, allowing audio engineers and creators to make precise mixing decisions.


HiFi Mode

SwitchOne Speakers, Computer Setup in HiFi Mode

With HiFi Mode, we threw rulebook out the window. Here, our aim was to push the limits of a 3" driver, making it sound more akin to a 6" powerhouse. HiFi mode cranks up the performance, employing tactics typically found in classic hi-fi products.

The tuning process for HiFi mode forced us to silence the analytical side of our brains. The goal was clear—to create a tuning profile that's not just versatile but impactful. HiFi mode is crafted to elevate your favorite tracks, immerse you in cinematic experiences, and, above all, entertain.



 The HiFi and Studio switch allows you to seamlessly transition between these dynamic modes, adapting to the ebb and flow of their creative and leisurely moments. Whether you're making content, making music, or simply unwinding with friends, the SwitchOnes are designed to enhance every facet of your audio journey. Simply put, at Vigilant Audio, we've redefined what it means to switch on exceptional sound.

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