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Elevate Your Audio

Crafted for modern convenience, SwitchOne speakers redefine versatility. Designed with multiple input options and a closed-box compact form, they boast an impressive frequency response. But what truly sets them apart is our innovative HiFi and Studio Switch.

Whether you're a content creator, musician, or audiophile seeking premium sound, SwitchOne is your ultimate audio companion.

Experience sound, reimagined.

SwitchOne Passive Radiators

Compact Design, Immersive Sound

Closed box design with 3'' drivers and dual 4'' passive radiators, delivering impressive audio performance with precision and clarity. Experience rich, immersive sound in a compact form factor.

SwitchOne Rear Panel

The Switch

Customize Your Sound Experience. The Switch, a unique feature found on the back of the SwitchOne speakers, empowers you to tailor your audio with ease. Seamlessly transition between a studio sound profile for content creation and music production, or switch to a hi-fi sound profile for relaxed listening and entertainment.

SwitchOne Image with Box Contents

Seamless Connections, Limitless Possibilities

The SwitchOne speakers effortlessly adapt to any environment, be it studios, home offices, living rooms, or lofts. With a range of connectivity options including 1/4", RCA, 3.5mm, and wireless connections, hooking up your audio devices is a breeze. Enjoy versatile connectivity that opens up endless possibilities for your audio setup.

SwitchOne Macbook Air Listening Setup
SwitchOne Speaker on a bookshelf with cactus

Built For You

SwitchOne Project Studio Setup With Mics, Headphones, Focusrite


Crafted to thrive in critical environments, the SwitchOne speakers are your go-to choice, whether you're setting up a small production studio or a larger workspace. With a compact form factor, they fit seamlessly into any setup. Featuring stereo balanced inputs for audio interfaces and our innovative Studio Listening Mode, these speakers deliver unparalleled transparency in sound reproduction.

SwitchOne Turntable and Vinyl Setup


Designed not just for one purpose, but for all your audio dreams. The SwitchOne speakers effortlessly transition from computer speakers to turntable companions, and even elevate your living room setup. With Bluetooth, Aux, and RCA inputs, these speakers effortlessly adapt to any environment. And with our HiFi Listening Mode, prepare to elevate your audio.

Left SwitchOne Speaker Front Facing

Experience SwitchOne

Crafted to surpass expectations, SwitchOne speakers are designed to redefine your audio experience. With unmatched versatility and innovation, we are confident that these speakers will take your audio setup to new heights.

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