Best Microphone Stands For Your Studio

Best Microphone Stands For Your Studio

A mic stand may not be your most exciting studio purchase, but we'll have to buy one sooner or later - because one thing that's less fun than buying a mic stand is replacing a broken one.

We've collected a list of some of our favorite microphone stands for any budget. 

  1. Amazon Basics Boom

    This is the quick and dirty way to get going. 
  2. Gator Frameworks Boom

    When you're ready for a more versatile solution from a reliable brand, we suggest looking at the Gator Frameworks Booms. This is still a lightweight, versatile boom, but it's more durable than the AmazonBasics solution and comes at double the price.

  3.  K&M

    K&M is a go-to for anybody of any level. While it's a pricer option, these things are built for long days, heavy mics, and the road. The 25900 is a stand we tend to favor, but everything in their lineup is built to last.

    Direct from their website, you'll find, "Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality and durable products in an environmentally friendly manner, so that musicians worldwide can concentrate on what's essential — their music.". All we can say is that's exactly what they do.

  4. Ultimate Support
Finally, for those who want the over-the-top, do it all studio workhorse, we included the Ultimate Support MC-125 mic stand. It may be overkill for some or just right for others.

While we know mics stands are not the most riveting topic regarding audio technology, we hope this can help lead you in the right direction for your next purchase. Be sure to check out our VA92 mic while you're treating yourself to a new microphone stand. 

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