How to Set Up Powered Speakers with Your Computer

How to Set Up Powered Speakers with Your Computer

If you want to take your audio game to the next level, powered speakers are a great starting point for any computer setup or home office. They offer better sound quality and volume than your computer's built-in speakers.Here's a step-by-step guide to getting your speakers up and running.

Plugging-in (wireless speakers too)

The first step to setting up powered speakers is to plug them in. Most powered speakers come with two types of cords: one for power and one for the audio input. The power cord is either an IEC cable or a connector with a power brick. That just plugs into the wall. (We assume you can handle that).

The other connection is for Audio. You have a few options depending on the speakers, we’ll reference the SwitchOnes.

Option 1 - 3.5mm (HP size) output to the RCA Input. The SwitchOne speakers ship with a 3.5mm cable which can plug into your headphone or audio output on a computer. The RCAs plug into the left SwitchOne and you are good to go.

SwitchOne Speakers and Box ContentsOption 2 - If you are using an audio interface that provides a balanced output, you can use the 1/4” jacks on the back for a balanced “pro” connection.

Option 3 - Wireless - The SwitchOnes are equipped to provide Hi Res wireless audio via Bluetooth, just pair the speakers and you are good to go.

Note: If you are using the Headphone output it may seem like a sacrifice but have no fear, the SwitchOnes have a headphone output right in the front. Connect the headphones and the audio will automatically switch from the speaker output to the headphones.

Adjusting Volume Levels

Once your speakers are plugged in, you'll want to adjust the volume levels. First, make sure your computer's volume is turned up and then use the volume knob on your powered speakers to adjust the volume to your desired level. Depending on your computer you will have to adjust your system's default output settings.

Placing the Speakers

The final step is to place your speakers in the right spot. Then, your speakers should be at ear level and positioned equidistant from your listening area. This will give you the best sound quality and stereo separation.

Additional Tips

  • bBefore purchasing powered speakers, you should make sure they are compatible with your computer's audio output. If you're unsure, check with the manufacturer or a tech expert. Feel free to talk to us if you have questions about ours.
  • If you have a laptop, you may need to adjust your audio output settings to ensure the sound is coming through your powered speakers and not your laptop's built-in speakers.
  • Consider investing in a sound card or digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for even better sound quality.


Setting up powered speakers for your computer is a simple process that can greatly enhance your audio experience. Just remember to plug in the cords, adjust the volume levels, and position your speakers correctly for optimal sound quality. With these tips in mind, you'll be enjoying high-quality audio in no time. Happy listening!

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